New servers and fix for disconnections.

Dear clients,We have added three new locations to our VPN Service. As well as updated our configuration to prevent disconnecting during game sessions. If you experienced issues like this, then the new configuration should fix that.Locations that have been added in past week:- United States, Miami (UDP & TCP).- France, Paris (UDP & TCP).- ... Read More »

22nd Mar 2017
School Bypass / Bypass Blocks!

We have updated our servers, so you can connect to port 443 when you use TCP.This makes it extremely difficult for countries, or school networks to detect VPN's and block them. Port 443 is used when you access websites (SSL) also known as HTTPS. It makes it very tricky to block, and gets around most blocks.For security reasons, we have only ... Read More »

22nd Mar 2017
Two new servers.


We just added Miami and Paris servers. To use them download the new config files located in the client area.

Kind Regards,

OctoVPN Team

21st Mar 2017
We are looking for reviews!

If you are an active client of ours, and love using our VPN.. And wouldn't mind writing a short review for us, send us an email to [email protected]

We are looking for a couple of new reviews to put up to our front page ( Also make sure to leave a preferred name, or username that we will add. Try to keep it short :)

19th Mar 2017
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