How to use OctoVPN with a Console (Sharing Connection)

Please note: We do not provide support, other than this tutorial. If you are stuck, you can always Google or YouTube. There are plenty of tutorials on the internet, on how to do this.

  • A laptop, or a desktop with both WiFi & Ethernet Port.
  • A laptop, or desktop connected to WiFi, and an available Ethernet Port.
  • A Ethernet cable, that goes from your laptop/desktop Ethernet port and into your system.

  1. Open up "Network & Sharing" center on your computer. You can find this via Control Panel, or by searching for it.
  2. Click "Modify Settings for Network Card". In Windows 10, this can be located at the left side of the window.
  3. Here you should see your Ethernet & WiFi. Now right click on your WiFi connection, and click Properties.
  4. A new window should appear, here you should click the "Sharing" tab.
  5. Now tick both of the options: "Allow others to..".
  6. A drop-down should also be located here. In that drop-down, you should select your Ethernet port on your computer.. Which your console should be connected to.
  7. Click save/ok.
  8. Head over to your Gaming Console, and do the internet connection setup. When doing it, make sure you are selecting "Wired" or "Ethernet".

Hopefully, the connection test should work out fine. If it does, you can verify that you are connected to the VPN by opening the web browser on your console then go to the website "" and see if the IP Address have changed. If it is, then you are now protected on your console as well!

The speed may be degraded, this is completely normal. It's all up to how good your computer is, as well as the latency to our VPN Locations. However; at least you are secure now and protected from attacks.

Got a error when doing connection test?
  • If you get DNS error, you can try setting manual DNS on your console - or - in properties of your WiFi card.
  • If you get failed to obtain IP, you can try setting the IP manually on your console - or - in the properties of your WiFi card.
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