How to use OctoVPN on Router (Asus Merlin)

Please note: We do not provide support, other than this tutorial. If you are stuck, you can always Google or YouTube. There are plenty of tutorials on the internet, on how to do this.

In this tutorial, i will be using my own router as an example. My router is currently flashed, to use Merlin which is a customized version of ASUS Router Firmware. It has more options, that allows me to kill my internet connection when the VPN connection disconnects - to prevent exposing the real IP Address to the internet.

The setup should be identical.

  • OctoVPN .ovpn files.
  • Router that supports OpenVPN.

  1. Login to your router -
  2. Go to "Advanced Settings" then "VPN".
  3. Go to "OpenVPN Client".
  4. Here you should have a place to upload a config file (.ovpn). This is where you upload the .ovpn file of your choice - upload the one closest to your location for best speed.
  5. Click upload!
  6. Wait a few moments, and the page should reload. It will now have the server IP in the address field.
  7. Now enter the username / password.
  8. Change the "Redirect Internet Traffic" option to what fits your needs. All means the entire router will be under VPN, if you select Policy Rules - you'll be able to make it so for example only a certain client on your network is connected through the VPN. This is the ideal option for Consoles!
  9. Toggle the service state to ON! It should now connect..

  • You can click "Start with WAN" to make it automatically connect when rebooting the router etc.
  • With ASUS Merlin, you can even customize what clients on your network that is going to use the VPN.
  • Policy Rules is the perfect option if you only want to use a VPN on a certain device. For example PS4.
  • There may be some errors, based on our configuration. You can view the "System Log" for invalid options, then remove them from the config.
  • If you don't have Merlin, you can install it by uploading the firmware to your router - that's it. You can download Merlin here: (make sure to find the exact firmware version, and download latest version!!)
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